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Why She Wrote

Why She Wrote

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Discover the hidden stories and incredible lives of eighteen women writers in this incredible graphic collection. Bringing together famous and more obscure writers from the 18th century through to the 20th, these engaging comics highlight their lives, hardships and influence. Woven together with biographies, bibilographies and fun facts their stories are framed by one over-riding question: when being a woman writer meant being overlooked, pigeonholed and undervalued, why did she write?

  • Hardback.
  • 256 pages.
  • Full-colour illustrations throughout.
  • Measures 18.5 x 2.6 x 23.6 cm.

Collections:    18th Century19th CenturyBooks About BooksCharlotte BrontëJane AustenLouisa M. AlcottPuzzles & Games

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