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The Notebook: A History of Thinking on Paper

The Notebook: A History of Thinking on Paper

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The everyday act of moving a pen across paper can have profound consequences, changing the way we think and feel: making us more creative, more productive - and happier. We see notebooks everywhere we go. But where did this simple invention come from? How did they revolutionise our lives, and why are they such powerful tools for creativity? And how can using a notebook help you change the way you think? This book has the answers. Ranging from the bustling markets of medieval Florence to the quiet studies of our greatest thinkers, this book follows a trail of dazzling ideas, revealing how the notebook became our most dependable and versatile tool for creative thinking. Featuring notebook stories of artists like Leonardo and Frida Kahlo, scientists from Isaac Newton to Marie Curie, and writers from Chaucer to Henry James. We watch Darwin developing his theory of evolution in tiny pocketbooks, see Agatha Christie plotting a hundred murders in scrappy exercise books, and learn how Bruce Chatwin unwittingly inspired the creation of the Moleskine.

Hardback book, 416 pages
Measures 23.6 x 16.2cm

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