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SEND DIRECT SERVICE: Ten Poems about Cats - Poetry Instead of a Card

SEND DIRECT SERVICE: Ten Poems about Cats - Poetry Instead of a Card

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Our Send Direct service price includes the poetry pamphlet, bookmark, your personal message (handwritten by us), and the cost of posting it to your loved one. If you just want to order the pamphlet on its own click here. Despatched within 2 working days of the order being placed. Special Delivery is the only tracked option.

Enter recipient address details carefully, these will be used to send the card. If your order contains more than one item then any non- ' Send Direct' items will be sent to the address you use at the checkout.

Instead of a card, why not send words! Cats have provided writers and artists with inspiration for as long as they have been winding themselves purring round their owners’ legs and fixing them with their big, green eyes. The poems in this pamphlet are evidence of some wonderful cats and their amusing and endearing ways, from Thom Gunn’s kittens galloping like a re-enactment of Ben Hur along the corridor, to Jen Hadfield’s cat asking to be let in at the kitchen door…then out again… Contents: Elizabeth Coatsworth - On a Night of Snow’, Thom Gunn - ‘Apartment Cats’, William Cowper - ‘The Retired Cat’, Grace Nichols - ‘Tabby’, Anna Wigley - ‘The Missing Cats of Roath’, Anne Stevenson - ‘Clydie is dead!’, Jen Hadfield - ‘In the same way’, Anon - ‘I love little Pussy’ and ‘Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, where have you been?’, Walter de la Mare - ‘Puss’. Illustrated by Beth Krommes.  

  • Includes one poetry pamphlet, envelope and co-ordinating bookmark with space for your own personal message.
  • 10 pages.
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