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An A-Z of Jane Austen

An A-Z of Jane Austen

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The worlds that Jane Austen creates have enchanted readers for centuries. This book uses a neatly organised A-Z structure to give a unique insight into her extraordinary way with words.

Providing fresh angles on familiar Austen themes (D is for dance; M is for matchmaking), casting light on under-examined corners of her imagination (R is for risk; S is for servant), and showing how current social and cultural concerns are re-shaping our understanding of her work (Q is for queer; W is for West Indies), this approach shows how attention to tiny linguistic details in Austen's work can yield rewarding new perspectives on one of our most celebrated authors.

With a sharp focus on textual detail alongside a broad scope, it broaches questions that will intrigue, delight and inspire: Why are children so marginal in her storylines? Who is the best exponent of matchmaking in her fiction? Why are many of her female characters – but none of her heroines – called Jane? Providing a new close-up encounter with one of our most celebrated writers, this book invites a renewed appreciation of the infinite subtlety and endless re-readability of a body of writing in which every word counts.

  • Paperback, 168 pages.
  • Measures 21.6 x 13.8 cm.

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