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Personalised Notebook - Serif Font with Ornaments

Choose a notebook colour:
Dark Orange
Midnight Blue

Your choice of name printed in white on a notebook. Seven colours of notebook to choose from.

The notebook features an elasticated pen holder at the side, a ribbon page marker, and a handy elastic closure/page holder.

  • 192 lined pages.
  • Measures 21 x 14cm.
  • Includes ribbon, pen holder and elastic closure.

Also available in other styles: 
Serif Font,
Sans Serif Font,
Sans Serif Font with Ornaments,
Name & Decorated Border,
Decorated Initial
and Constructed Initial.

Please note: you only need to add the name, we'll sort out the punctuation! All names will end with 's or just an apostrophe, if the given name ends in an 's'.
e.g. Agatha's or Charles'

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