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Austentatious: Life Lesson Card Deck

Austentatious: Life Lesson Card Deck

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that most of us need a bit of help. The good news is that, whether you're suffering from a wet-stocking related illness or completely confused about which colour ribbon will best match your dress, Jane Austen's wit and wisdom is here to guide us all.

This card deck features insights from Austen's beloved characters - simply shuffle the deck and pull the topmost card for an enlightened quote to guide you through your dilemma and help resolve your questions. Uncertain as to your decision making? "Better be without sense than misapply it as you do." Wondering why you're struggling to make friends "Your defect is a propensity to hate everybody." With 50 cards to choose from, this deck will almost certainly be able to provide the insight you need, even if your sister has run off with your ex or you're in love with your step brother.

  • 50 cards, in a box.
  • 50 colour illustrations.
  • Cards measure 12.5 x 8.5 cm.

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