Our first new product of 2018

Our first new product of 2018

100 Kids Books Scratch Off Poster

This poster is a fantastic interactive challenge. Read and enjoy one hundred amazing books and each time you finish one you can scratch off the panel to reveal a hidden image. Featuring a variety of children's books from 101 DalmatiansA Monster Calls, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Hunger Games and Where the Wild Things Are. The range of books includes classic titles from picture books to YA favourites.

This is a brilliant follow-up to the adult version of this poster 100 Books Scratch Off Poster.

This poster does come with a warning though, and we thought long and hard about this in at Literary HQ. The poster is suitable for readers of all ages (especially adults!) but younger readers will need parental guidance to help them decide when they are ready to read some of these titles. It does include title like The Hunger Games and To Kill a Mockingbird alongside books aimed at much younger readers such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar. In this way it can provide a map of suggested reading across a whole decade for some younger readers.

Having said that, whilst some readers maybe too young for some of the books featured, no-one is too old for any of them!

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