What a Carry On

Earlier this year Charlie Brooker suggested that it really was time to stop printing 'Keep Calm and Carry On' onto things. He is right and for all the right reasons; as he points out "it's time we, as a species, ceased to be impressed by this sort of thing. We're better than that."

I sometimes like to imagine that somewhere there is a house which contains every Keep Calm product somewhere inside. There must be enough variations to fill a maybe larger than average semi: duvet covers, teapots, clothes, rugs, doormats, kitchenware, chairs, key-rings, etc.

After a recent visit to one of the larger gift trade fairs I can reveal that maybe the torrent is lessening. There were definitely fewer products, and perhaps the end is in sight. Not exactly dead yet, although the arrival of Keep Calm... toilet paper may (and probably should) prove to be the final nail in the coffin. Unless, of course, someone is currently putting together a range of Keep Calm coffins? Keep Calm and er...
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