September 15, 2010

When we started The Literary Gift Company we weren't too bothered about Penguin mugs. This isn't because they aren't gorgeous, it was simply because they were EVERYWHERE, including Waterstone's; they have been phenomenally successful. We have realised, however, that not many places stock a large range of the mugs: it's fairly easy to track down the Christies and the Austens, but less so other authors. Also Waterstone's is turning many of its non-book areas into Paperchase concessions which don't stock any of the mugs at all. So we've decided to bring some into our store - hopefully building up to stock the whole range. They're tucked away in Homewear - near the back so they don't get in the way of more unusual items. We're in two minds about this as our vision is not to be too mainstream; your thoughts are welcome!

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