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Writing People - A Writing Map for Crowded Places

In the madding crowd of the city, writing is an oasis, a place of stillness. And yet, what would we do without city folk to inspire us? These writing prompts will get you people-watching, staring, talking to strangers, and imagining the lives of others. The exercises on the Writing People writing map will prompt you to imagine the secret lives of people in cafes, visit places like markets and parks with a variety of smells, and write about hands that have touched the objects in museums.

The Writing Map is illustrated by Andrew Sutherland, with writing prompts by Shaun Levin.

Some content not appropriate for writers under 16.

  • Map is 16.5" x 11.75" (A3 paper size); folds into 4.12" x 6" (approx. postcard size).
  • Printed on recycled paper in England.