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Merry Wives of Windsor Face Mask

From act four, scene six of The Merry Wives of Windsor - in a room at The Garter Inn, Fenton discusses plans for a surprise marriage. "For they must all be mask'd and vizarded -" A double-thickness cotton mask with a pocket of an optional layer of tissue; the adjustable cord loops around the back of the wearer's head, and places no pressure on the ears.

Please note: This is not a piece of PPE or medical equipment. Like all fabric face masks, the intention is to catch droplets and stop the wearer from breathing directly into someone else's face, as a general contribution to public safety (according to advice at the time of writing).

  • 100% Cotton jersey in two layers.
  • Mask measures 22cm x 13cm laid flat; soft woven cord ties at back of head.

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