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The Voice and Point of View Map: A Writing Map to Ways of Telling a Story

The Voice and Point of View Writing Map is a practical guide to exploring your voice as a writer, as well as the voices and points of view in fiction and memoir you can choose from when you tell a story. Try out different points of view to strengthen your voice and range as a writer. Voice and point of view are at the heart of every utterance, in life and on the page. Your voice is what makes you distinct from other writers. The exercises on the Writing Map are devised to inspire stories and even novels. The extended creative writing prompts can help you develop stories, or can be done in short and playful bursts as warm-up exercises.

Note: Some content not appropriate for writers under 16.

The Writing Map is illustrated by Me & Oli with writing prompts by Shaun Levin.

  • A3 map (297 x 420 mm) folds into A6 (105 x 148 mm)
  • Printed on 120 gsm paper in England.

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