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This Is Shakespeare

So much of what we say about Shakespeare is either not true, or just not relevant, deflecting us from investigating the challenges of his inconsistencies and flaws. This electrifying new book thrives on revealing, not resolving, the ambiguities of Shakespeare's plays and their changing topicality. It takes us into a world of politicking and copy-catting; flirting with and skirting round the cut-throat issues of succession politics, religious upheaval and technological change. Professor Emma Smith introduces an intellectually, theatrically and ethically exciting writer who engages with intersectionality as much as with Ovid, with economics as much as poetry: who writes in strikingly modern ways about individual agency, privacy, politics, celebrity and sex. 

  • Paperback, 368 pages
  • (H) 18.1cm, (W) 11.1cm, (D) 2.6m

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