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Mental Floss: The Curious Reader Journal for Book Lovers

Are you having trouble keeping track of the books in your life? Ever buy a book you've already read - or recommend one book when you actually meant another? The Curious Reader Journal for Book Lovers helps organise bulging bookshelves, provides space to record and rate titles, and helps you reflect on past favourites.

The journal also includes prize-winning book lists, quotes about writing and reading, and the tomes famous authors admire, along with guided entries such as: "My Favourite Books This Year," "Titles Ideal for a Book Club," "Literary Places I'd Like to Visit," "Books I Loved as a Child," "Who I'd Invite to a Literary Dinner Party" and "Books I Hate That Everyone Loves".

  • Flexibound, 144 pages.
  • Measures 14.7 x 21.1 cm.

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