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Invisible Men: Black Artists of The Golden Age of Comics

Hear the riveting stories of Black artists who drew - mostly covertly, behind the scenes - superhero, horror, and romance comics in the early years of the industry. Invisible Men sheds light on a topic of comics history that needs uncovering. Through the life stories of each man's personal struggles and triumphs read how they broke through into a world formerly occupied only by whites.

Using primary source material from World War II-era Black newspapers and magazines, this compelling book profiles pioneers like E.C. Stoner, a descendant of one of George Washington's slaves, who became a renowned fine artist of the Harlem Renaissance and the first Black to draw comic books; Owen Middleton who was sentenced to life in Sing Sing. Middleton's imprisonment became a cause championed by Will Durant, which led to Middleton's release and subsequent comics career; and Matt Baker, the most revered of the Black artists, whose exquisite art spotlights stunning women and men, and who drew the first groundbreaking Black comic book hero, Vooda!

The book is gorgeously illustrated with rare examples of each artist's work, including full stories from mainstream comic books from rare titles like All-Negro Comics and Negro Heroes, plus unpublished artist's photos.

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