Every gift tells a story...


Here you will find over sixty of the greatest works of western literature – from Beowulf to Brontë, from Kafka to Kerouac, and from Dostoevsky to Dickens– each distilled through the voice of Twitter to its purest, pithiest 140-character essence: "FALLING INTO THE ABYSS!!!! I'll talk more about why in several hundred pages to avoid any confusion." (John Milton, Paradise Lost) "Got him drunk. Put a poker in his ONE EYE when he blacked out. That will show him - if he could see. LOL. Time to leave." (Homer, The Odyssey) "Hunt continues for @Lydia - has she tweeted any clues as to her whereabouts? Check @Wickham too - he's the deadbeat." (Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice) "Like many book characters, I'm pretty bored. Oh! A white rabbit! Just like in The Matrix. That movie was pretty dope, if you're on drugs" (Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland) and more...Including a full glossary of online acronyms and Twitterary terms to aid the amateur, Twitterature provides everything you need to master the literature of the civilised world, while relieving you of the burdensome task of reading it.

  • Paperback, 145 page book.
  • 18 x 11.2 cm.

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