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Dr. Seuss Magnetic Bookmark - Cat in the Hat

Perennial favourite Dr Seuss
Gave us many a book to gently peruse
It's true that a favourite Cat in the Hat
gives us hours of fun - and that is a fact

So when a bookmark came our way
We snapped it up, with a cry of Hooray!
It will mark your page, but not with a spot
no, not even an inky blot

The magic (well, science) of magnets holds your place
...until you return to shove the book in your face
by which we mean read! Do not use the book to squash your nose or flatten your toes or bend your ear or comb your hair

Enjoy all the words, adventures and fun!
And when for the day you think you are done,
use the Cat in the Hat to mark the page,
suitable for lovers of reading - of any age.
  • 6.5 x 0.3 x 19.3 cm

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